Specializing in providing solutions for the most challenging sampling points.


BIAR has been developing and manufacturing high-quality industrial sampling systems for hazardous fluids in Switzerland since 1983.

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Whether it's for inline sampling, reactors, or any other configuration, BIAR has the solution you seek.


Our sampling systems are modular and adaptable to each sampling parameter. Sealing systems, materials, and accessories can be selected to match specific requirements.

Whether manual or automatic, BIAR actuators are safe, robust and can be installed on all sampling valves. 

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The modularity of the upper sealing, achieved through a wide range of solutions (such as single or double stuffing box, bellows seal, and leak detector), allows for the lower seal to be reinforced to meet specific sampling requirements. 

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Sampling valves, reactor and tank systems, and custom-made solutions are available in a wide range of materials, designs, and assemblies.

BIAR provides high-performance sealing solutions that exhibit exceptional reliability and adaptability tailored to the parameters of manufacturing and sampling processes.

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BIAR offers an extensive range of accessories for sampling systems, tailored to the specific requirements of each sampling point.

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