Since 1983, BIAR SA has embodied Swiss excellence by designing and manufacturing sampling systems that meet the strictest quality and safety standards. They are delivered worldwide in more than 50 countries. As an industry pioneer, our aim is to improve the efficiency, sustainability and reliability of industrial processes related to complex liquid sampling.


Our specialisation, experience and skills in industrial sampling make us the partner of choice and trust. We can find the right solution for sampling liquids or liquefied gases for the chemical and petrochemical industries. Depending on the sampling conditions, the characteristics of the installation and the level of safety, our specialists will find the most suitable proposal for you.

Inline sample valves

Valves for horizontal, vertical, side and wafer type assembly 

Reactor sampling systems

Top of reactor sampling systems 

Custom-made sampling solutions

Quantitative sampling systems, airlock systems, coolers, custom-made systems. 

Liquefied gas and gas sampling systems

BIAR technologies, traditional sampling cylinders 


BIAR SA is committed to acting responsibly, sustainably and innovatively at all times, with three main pillars at the core of our approach: Safety, Efficiency and Simplicity.

  • Safety
    Sampling liquids directly from a production process entails its share of risks. BIAR sampling systems meet these challenges. They ensure total safety for operators and preserve the integrity of production equipment, even in the most complex environments. 
  • Efficiency 
    Representative samples are used to check and validate process conditions and ensure that the product meets the required specifications. Sampling must be able to be carried out easily and repeatedly with reliable results. BIAR SA provides effective and sustainable solutions to facilitate this critical process. 
  • Simplicity 
    To minimise risks at sampling points, the liquid must be taken in a simple manner. Thanks to the skills they have developed over the years, BIAR's experts are able to develop, propose and supply the most appropriate solutions for every need. 


Proud of its Swiss origins, BIAR makes it a point of honour to produce high-precision, durable products that meet the highest standards.


ISO 9001

Quality management systems 




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Certified Ecovadis, proof of the company’s sustainability

ISO 3834-2:2021

Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials — Part 2: Comprehensive quality requirements 



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ISO 14001

Environmental management systems




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ISO 45001

Occupational health and safety management systems 




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Compliance of products with all applicable requirements set by European Union legislation 


Compliant with technical requirements and EAC standards 


Equipment intended for use in ATEX zones 


TA Luft or "Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control" 


Complies with fire-fighting standards and can contain pressure during and after exposure to fire. 


What began as a small workshop in a small village in the Swiss mountains has now grown into an internationally operating company. Since the early 80s, BIAR SA has been writing its history and successfully manufacturing sampling systems, while remaining true to its principles of quality and safety.

Over the years, many people have contributed their expertise and passion to the history of BIAR SA. Thanks to them, our company has grown steadily and sustainably since its creation. 

1st sampling system

Guy Masson develops the first inline spindle valve for sample collection during production 

Patented invention

The patent protecting the principle of the PRISEMASSON™ spindle sampling valve is internationally registered. 

Creation of the company

The limited company BIAR SA is created. Its name stands for engineering office and production workshop (Bureau d'Ingénierie et Atelier de Réalisations). The company is based in Lourtier in Valais

Creation of BIAR Inc. in the USA

To support its development, BIAR SA opens its US subsidiary BIAR Inc. in Baton-Rouge, Louisiana. 

BIAR Inc. is certified ISO 9002

To meet industry and customer requirements, BIAR Inc. is ISO 9002 certified (assembly & sale of sampling systems). 

Reactor sampling systems with magneto-pneumatic drive

To meet the demand for reactor sampling, BIAR SA has developed top of reactor sampling systems with magneto-pneumatic drive. The innovation is patented.

BIAR SA is ISO 9001 certified

To meet market requirements and with a view to continuous improvement, BIAR SA is implementing the ISO 9001 standard at its Sembrancher plant. This covers the development, manufacture and sale of sampling systems

Delivery of the 1st Actiflow

BIAR SA delivers the 1st top of reactor Actiflow sampling system in Germany. 

Custom-made quantitative sampling systems

The "QR, QL" range of customised sampling systems has been developed to meet customers' needs for complex sampling operations (such as very high temperatures and pressures).

Change of company management

After the retirement of Guy Masson, the company's founder, management is handed over to his children. Claude Masson becoming head of BIAR SA and Yvan Masson head of BIAR Inc.

1st cabinet with container closure inside

An accessory for highly dangerous sampling points is developed and marketed, enabling the container to be sealed inside. 

PFA-coated top of reactor sampling systems

The range of reactor sampling system is expanded with the launch of Deepflow. This PFA-coated system with magneto-pneumatic drive is designed for sampling corrosive liquids.  

New production site

Having outgrown its historic workshop in Lourtier, BIAR SA is moving its operations into new 40,000 m2 premises in Sembrancher, close to major transport routes. 

New logo and visual identity

BIAR SA is revamping its visual identity with, among other things, a new branding and a new logo, both of which reinforce Swiss Made. 

Market launch of the Optiflow reactor sampling system

The top of reactor range is expanded with the launch of Optiflow, an entry-level system. 

Photovoltaic solar power plant

BIAR SA decides to become its own power producer and inaugurates the largest solar power plant in the Entremont district. With approximately 1500 m2 of roof covered with solar panels, making it almost self-sufficient. 

Sampling systems for reactor bottoms

BIAR SA completes its reactor solutions by developing bottom sampling systems. They are known as RAM 

BIAR SA wins silver Ecovadis award

As part of its commitment to continuous improvement and social and environmental responsibility, BIAR SA has joined the EcoVadis assessment process. The company is awarded the silver label. 

Launching UPR systems

BIAR SA completes its range of reactor sampling systems with the launch of the UPR "Unité de Prélèvement pour Réacteurs" (Reactor Sampling Unit) range. These PFA-coated solutions are available with a choice of actuators (pumps, vacuum, venturi, etc.). 

Takeover of FAMAT SA's powder sampling unit

BIAR SA strengthens its position in industrial sampling by acquiring FAMAT SA's powder sampling unit. This acquisition allows an expansion of the company's product portfolio. It is thus positioned as the sector's leading expert, able to offer solutions for liquids, gases and powders. 

New technology for sampling gases

To complement its traditional range of cylinder gas sampling systems, BIAR SA has developed GSB - Gas Sampling Biar. The innovation is patented worldwide. 

ISO 14001 certification obtained

To reinforce its CSR approach and to reduce the company's ecological impact, BIAR SA has set up an Environmental Management System (EMS). In early 2023, the company is ISO 14001 certified. 


To guarantee and to control system quality, BIAR sampling systems are developed and manufactured in Sembrancher, Switzerland. Our customers in 57 countries benefit from a network of technical and sales advisors as well as maintenance partners in most countries. This proximity enables us to respond to specific market and customer requirements.




  • Offering a consulting service provided by specialists
  • Offering superior product quality and Swiss Made reliability 
  • Guaranteed supply of spare parts over 10 years old

Health & safety


  • Developing a safety culture to achieve zero accidents 
  • Preventing occupational diseases
  • Reducing risks at workstations 
  • Preventing major crises 
  • Involving employees in defining and implementing preventive measures  



  • Reducing climate change impacts 
  • Preventing environmental impacts 
  • Promoting energy efficiency