Syngenta Safety Day Syngenta Crop Protection at biar

Presence at the Foire du Valais on the Valais innovation stand gets a makeover

Optiflow top of reactor sampling systems for electromobility

New partnership in Algeria

Quadruple certification / re-certification

Our exhibition calendar for 2023

Phenol sampling valves for the land of the setting sun

Sampling valves for hydrogen production

The food and chocolate industry also fond of Biar sampling valves

See you at Achema 2022!

Neue Maschinen für unsere Produktionsstätte in Sembrancher

Sampling valves for the semiconductor industry

Ideal solutions for biorefineries

At the service of green chemistry

Our presence at trade exhibitions

Customised sampling systems for a new propylene oxide complex in China.

EAC-Gost recertification

New measures linked to the health crisis

Sampling valves for Polyamide production in Germany 

Automation of phenol and bisphenol sampling with BIAR sampling systems

Ongoing investment to improve quality

ISO re-certifications

FAMAT powder sampling systems join BIAR SA

BIAR presence strengthened in Northern Europe

Exchanges, training and conviviality on the menu at the Sales Meeting

Sampling systems for very high temperatures and pressures for sampling chemicals from coal tar.

The largest Polyol complex in Eastern Europe soon to be equipped with BIAR sampling systems

Hundreds of coated valves to produce vinyl chloride monomer

A busy exhibition calendar for 2019 

Probenehmeventile für einen grossen petrochemischen Komplex in Zhoushan

Syngenta wins OPEX trophy thanks to BIAR ZRV piston injectors

Sampling systems for ethylene glycol sampling on their way to China 

Sampling systems for chlorine and hydrogen chloride derivatives

Alloy inline sampling valves for a new agrochemical plant

2019 exhibition calendar